Ballstad Omega-3 Monthly subscription

Subscribe and you will receive a refill package with fresh Ballstad omega-3 automatically every month for a more favorable price.
Storage can is included in the first shipment.

Why Ballstad Omega-3

• Pure omega-3 from Norway
• Covers the recommended daily requirement
• 1050mg dosage
• Rich in EPA (540 mg) & DHA (390 mg)
• Nitrogen process - no oxidation
• Triglyceride form
• Small capsules, easy to swallow
• Odorless and tasteless
• Tested Quality - certified several times
• Satisfaction guarantee
Delivery time: 1-2 working days
100% Money back guarantee

฿ 1,199 / month


Pure Omega-3 from Norway

1050 mg. dosage with 3 small and easy to swallow capsules gives your body the right amount of EPA (540 mg.) and DHA (390 mg.) recommended by the World Health Organization.

Our formula is in Triglyceride form, odorless without any fish taste.

About our product

• Omega-3: 1050 mg
• EPA: 540 mg
• DHA: 390 mg
• Other Omega-3 oils: 120 mg
• Fish gelatin capsules

• Omega-3, which is good for the heart, brain and eyesight
• Highly concentrated omega-3 of exclusive quality
• Fish oil is subject to strict quality controls
• Fish oil from sustainable fishing (Friend of the Sea)
• Covers your daily need for the essential fatty acids DHA & EPA to achieve health benefits
• Small capsules that are easy to swallow

We will send you a Refill pack every month, so you are never out of Omega-3.
Please keep your tin can for your future refills and we will send you a new tin can when you need it.
You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time in your settings page page or just contact us, and we will help

3 Ballstad capsules equal 1050 mg. of Omega-3, which is the recommended amount for daily use. We recommend taking them before or during a meal with plenty of water.

Contact your healthcare provider if you are pregnant.

Eurofins Non GMO Verified
Halal certificate
Friend of the Sea
Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Tarım ve Orman Bakanlığı
Good Manufacturing Practice GMP Verified
IFFO RS Assured Responsible Supply
Kosher Certificate Service
Eurofins Consumer Product Testing
IFOS – International Fish Oil Standards Program

Weight0.54 kg
Dimensions23.3 × 23.3 × 7.7 cm

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