Omega Points

As Ballstad, we would like to thank you our valued customers for choosing us for a healthier way of life by launching the Omega points program, where you can earn discounts by accumulating points with every purchase!

You can get 1 Omega point for every 10 dollar you spend and get a discounted product with these points or you can get free product by accumulating these points. 1 Omega Point is equivalent to a 1 dollar discount. You just have to be a member to start earning.

My omega points

How can I join the Omega points system?

If you become a member before your purchases, you can quickly join the system.

How can I earn Omega Points?

If it is your first purchase as a member, every 10 dollars you spend within the price of the product you get corresponds to 1 Omega score. If you are already a member, the points that correspond to all your purchases to date will be accumulated in your account. You can use these points to get discounts or accumulate and get free products, and you can check your current points from the system.

Where can I see my Omega points? How can I shop with my Omega Points?

You can see the page showing your Omega points from the menu on my account page. To use your points, simply add the products you want to buy to your cart and select the “apply discount” option that appears at the top of the page.

Terms and Conditions

– Ballstad reserves the right to change and cancel the points and coupons if it deems necessary.

-The spent points cannot be used again.

-If the products purchased with the points are returned, the spent points are re-processed into the user’s account.