Water Requirement in Summer

There is one thing we should be careful about during these summer months, liquid consumption!

Our Ballstad dietician reminds us of the importance of water consumption once again by mentioning that our need for fluid increases with the increase of temperatures:

Why is water consumption important to us?

The smallest vital unit of the body is the cell. Water is needed for all biochemical mechanisims in cells. In addition, water and other drinks used for digestion, absorption and transport of food to the cells; We can say that the cells, tissues, organs and systems play a role in the transport and disposal of harmful substances resulting from metabolism, control of body temperature and the slipperiness of the joints. It also provides essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium and fluoride. The fulfillment of these body functions I mentioned is possible by maintaining the water balance, which we call “hydration”. The body’s water balance; water loss through respiration, urine, sweat and feces is achieved by replacing it with the amounts of water taken with drinks and food.

What happens if the water balance is disturbed?

Body water is kept in balance with a total fluid loss of approximately 2.5 liters / day; 1500 mL / day, 500 mL / day from the skin, 300 mL / day from the intestines, 300 mL / day by inhalation.

Excessive water loss is dangerous for us. Babies are the biggest risk group in this regard. They are the age group with the highest water content of their bodies. 

If we do not drink enough and balanced water;

-We can experience weight gains as the nutrients of the body will decrease in digestion and pulse rate. By increasing your water intake, which is important for cellular health; you can support the body’s working speed and indirectly help you lose weight.

– We can suffer from constipation and gas. In order for the intestines to continue their active activities, postage intake, movement and water intake are very important. For this, you should follow your daily fluid intake for digestive enzymes and continuity of bowel movements.

In short, the balance of water in the body has vital importance, the daily requirement can be simply calculated by the equation of 35 mL x body weight (kg). The darkening of the urine color indicates that the water need is not met. It can become a habit to follow this color every day.

Which conditions cause more water need?

In hot weather, if you consume too much protein and salty foods, too much physical activity, febrile diseases increases our water need. Therefore, there is an increase in the body’s fluid / water needs, and the water that is lost must be replaced to maintain fluid balance in the body.

Can you share the suggestion of our need for the water at summer?

The best alternative may be iced teas. These teas without gas will not only increase your bloating but also facilitate digestion and support your daily fluid needs.

In addition green tea to your meals containing cause refreshing effect.Green tea regulates the metabolism, can prevent the body from lubricating, and can also protect against diseases such as heart disease and cancer. By adding summer fruits such as lemon, peach, strawberry,  will make delicious drinks.

Mineral water is also the most suitable drink for the summer months for those who have difficulty in drinking water. 

Preparing a sugar-free iced lemonade prepared for you and your family may be practical solution. 

Dyt. Buse Altınay 

Ballstad Dietitian

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