If you want high performance, make the right choices

It is very important for her what sports express. So much that she created a brand of sports clothing for women who felt like herself. She is always ready for her life, both physically and mentally!

Even though Yoga plays the star role in Ms. Yasemin’s life, she also likes to play tennis very much. The most enjoyable thing for her is wearing her own clothes while doing sports. In addition to women’s yoga, swimming and running clothes, there are daily designs in her collection. She needs high concentration at all times as she makes rapid transitions between different disciplines. Ms. Yasemin, creator of the Yorstruly brand, is using Omega-3 to capture the performance she is looking for.

“As a brand owner, I have to do many things at the same time. I must be strong to achieve this. ”

For a healthy body and healthy mind

Yasemin:  I live in a very intense tempo. I get up early in the morning and start the day fast. My tiredness is not only physical, but also mentally. While the job is consuming my time too much, I take care to do sport and spend time on my own. I need power to accomplish this. I must always be fit to be able to live the life I wish for.

“I have one body and I have to take care of it in the best way.”

Yasemin: It’s not for me to live like there is no tomorrow. It’s my priority to be more fit than people at my age. I want to have a long life by aging healthy. It is my goal to spend time energetically and strongly. I started investigating after a close friend of mine mentioned that Omega-3 was right for me. As I learned the details, I became more interested and started to use it. Since that day Omega-3 has a big place in my life. It was effective in increasing the quality of my life.

With long Norwegian traditions for marine fish oils, we know what it takes to make a high quality omega-3 supplement, rich on EPA and DHA, keeping the product fresh all the way from sea to the consumer.
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