High Quality Fish Oil

A high quality fish oil should meet all criterias about content, freshness and the purification process. The production place, the source of fish oil, is also important in this regard. Norway comes first in the production of fish oil supplements. Let’s examine the reasons for this together;

The best source of Omega-3 is cold sea fish, and these fish are rich sources of long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids called EPA and DHA. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are essential for human health and are essential components for our cells to function most effectively. If an adequate intake of Omega-3 is not achieved through nutrition, Omega-3 can be met with supplementation. A high quality Omega-3 supplement helps to get enough of these essential ingredients that are essential for optimal health.

Norway plays an important role in the production of high quality fish oil. More than 40 percent of Omega-3 oils in food supplements in the world are supplied from Norway. This is because the country’s geographical features, long coastline and climate factors make Norway extremely suitable for this industry. According to the latest statistics from the United Nations Agriculture and Food Organization (FAO), Norway has the 9th largest fishing and 7th largest aquaculture in 2016. Norway produce 1.7% of the total aquaculture production in the world.
Norway has clean sea water and a long coastline that provides the best conditions for conducting sustainable aquaculture activities. Norway is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of developing operations in the field of aquaculture with technological methods. Aquaculture includes various activities where many licenses are required. Salmon production is the most common activity in Norway, but cod, scallops, lobster and mussels are also produced. Norway is also one of the world’s leading Atlantic salmon producers and seafood exporters. Norway’s total aquaculture production was 1288,808 tons in 2017.

Producers use advanced technology in Norway at every step and they are extremely sensitive about healthy fish development and food safety. When it comes to nutrition, Norway’s industry experts know exactly which fish need to grow strong and healthy. For example; Norwegian salmon is fed a natural diet of 70 percent plant-based ingredients and 30 percent of sea creatures, thereby ensuring even more delicious fish, taking into account sustainability.

When it comes to sea products, making sure they are free of pollutants is as important as the growing part. In the way some products like Eggs etc. may contain pollutants, Fish is also subject to this problem. Fish can contain traces of PCB and dioxins, which they obtain from their diet and natural environment. The minimum levels of pollutants found in Norwegian ocean farming creatures are not harmful to consumers. This is because a more controlled feed is provided. The data shows that since 2006, dioxin and dioxin-like PCB content has decreased by 67 percent.

Norway considers protecting the environment and fish stocks for the future as the only way to continue to be a sustainable industry. A sustainable seafood industry provides long-term production without adversely affecting ecosystems. According to many experts, the Norwegian seafood industry is one of the most sustainable industries in the world.

Norway uses two methods to calculate quotas for different types of fish:

Norway is an efficient food producer and can support the rapidly growing population.

Norway invests in technologies that make fishing more efficient year-round and make it more reliable. In Norway, the Food Safety Scientific Committee conducts regular risk assessments and the Norwegian Food Safety Authority has measures and regulations to be taken.
As a result of all these regulations, Norway becomes the leading country in fish production, breeding and fish oil supplements.

Ballstad comes directly from Norway without losing its Omega-3 freshness. It reaches you by being kept in cold storages without being exposed to sunlight and air. Oils from farm fish are not used in Ballstad capsules. We now agree that you are taking high quality fish oil supplements with a rich fish oil content and preserved freshness from Omega-3.


With long Norwegian traditions for marine fish oils, we know what it takes to make a high quality omega-3 supplement, rich on EPA and DHA, keeping the product fresh all the way from sea to the consumer.
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