About Odd Roar Olsen

My name is Odd Roar Olsen; I grew up in a small fishing village in norther Norway called Ballstad. The village is an on a small island in the archipelago Lofoten, 200 km above the polar circle. The island of Ballstad has around 1000 inhabitants and has had fishery as its main form of lifestyle and income for thousands of years.

I was lucky to grow up in such a place, where nothing is given; you have to work for everything. This laid the foundation for my adult life, where only hard work and perseverance gives you results.

In 2007 I started traveling a lot with the company I was working in, visiting 2-3 countries every week and with average workdays of 14-16 hours. It was a great and challenging experience. But after a while working and staying outside of Norway, I realized that my body and brain was not working optimal.

With some research I realized that my diet at the time did not contain enough fish and omega-3. I had grown up with omega-3 as a part of my lifestyle, it is as normal as olive oil in Mediterranean countries. The lack of omega-3 in my diet was affecting my performance.

I was living in Istanbul and it was challenging to find high quality Norwegian omega3 supplements with the quantity that my children, wife and I needed. So for several years I was bringing omega-3 supplements from Norway.

After several years of researching and education myself on the omega-3 industry, I saw there was a great demand for a brand that could deliver to our needs; Fresh and high concentrated Norwegian omega-3 delivered to my door.

Ballstad was established and the product was developed by of people with decades of experience with omega-3 supplement production and distribution. We have focused on making the chain from fish to finished product as streamlined as possible, without compromising the quality, purity or freshness in any way at any stage of the production.

“We have worked several years to fine-tune a perfect solution for you; from fresh open water fish to the final packed product ready to be delivered to your door.”

Working in a city like Istanbul and making a life for two small children can demand a lot of energy. Omega-3 helps my body to stay balanced and to stay on top of my game. And I feel it as a responsibility to spread the word to everyone about the benefits of omega-3, so they also can tell it to their friends and family. Through this “omega-3 movement” we can all have a better and more balanced life.

I am happy that you have given us the chance to introduce our product to you. We are very proud of what we have achieved, and we hope that we will be great a part of your lifestyle.

With long Norwegian traditions for marine fish oils, we know what it takes to make a high quality omega-3 supplement, rich on EPA and DHA, keeping the product fresh all the way from sea to the consumer.
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