From Ballstad to the world

In the northern part of Norway, travelling beyond the Arctic Circle, we find a small fishing village named Ballstad. As the cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean collides forcefully with its steep dramatic mountains, you might just feel as if you have arrived at the very edge of the Earth.

In Ballstad the elements are always fighting it out. In the winter the sun gradually disappears below the horizon, leaving Ballstad in total darkness for a full month. This sets the perfect stage for watching the Aurora Borealis flaring across the dark velvet skies. In the summer the sun never sets, making nights as bright as days, leaving you totally confused about when to leave the summer party.

How do they survive, you might wonder? Norwegians gets their strength from the fish. Fresh marine fish oils have always been a natural part of our diet, boosting our immune system and strengthening our hearts, giving us long and powerful lives. Now we’re bringing Ballstad Omega-3 to the world, so that you can experience the health benefits that Norwegians have enjoyed through generations.

Pure power in a pill

The established practice for the international Omega-3 industry is to buy your stock from large, already produced batches, resulting in several Omega-3 brands selling the same product, but with different labels. Even though this approach might be simple and cost effective, it comes at the cost of quality control and freshness.

This is why, at Ballstad each individual oil batch is dedicated for only Ballstad products. We have full control of quality assurance all the way from oil production to the final packaged product. And you are always guaranteed to get the same premium Ballstad quality every single time.

Made in Norway

Ballstad Omega-3 oil is produced in Norway, at the world’s finest production facilities in Brattvåg. To ensure product freshness nitrogen is used to exclude all oxygen throughout the whole production process, from oil production, encapsulation to finished packaging.

The production facilities operate mainly on hydroelectric power. In addition, residual fish oil byproducts are used as biofuel at the facility, resulting in virtually no waste materials, reducing Ballstad’s production carbon footprint down to almost zero.

“The fish used in Ballstad oil comes only from certified sustainable fishing areas and bears the Friend of the Sea certification”.
With long Norwegian traditions for marine fish oils, we know what it takes to make a high quality omega-3 supplement, rich on EPA and DHA, keeping the product fresh all the way from sea to the consumer.
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